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Speak to one of our Service Providers at our location or via phone at 817-239-3956 for more information or to sign up for a membership.

* 50 minute does NOT include a foot massage, hot towels or the arms and hands.

* 80 Minute includes a foot massage and hot towels.

* 110 Minute includes an hour spent on the back, foot massage with hot towels and a scalp massage.

50 Minute | 69

80 Minute | 89

110 mINUTE | 158

  • One Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage a month

  • Intended for a loyal member

  • Priority Booking

  • 20% off all other services

  • 6 month contract with the option to cancel after

individual vip membership

What Our Clients Say...

"Excellent massage with great staff! Smells great in there!"

Shawn H.

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