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Welcome to The Eucalyptus Room

What makes The Eucalyptus Room different from other spas?

There are many elements that make The Eucalyptus Room unique and special: a welcoming environment and aroma as soon as you walk through our door, amazing service providers, music to help you relax and the space to leave all of your worries and stress behind so you can relax, refresh and recharge.


Our founder, Nicole Vongphakdy, started her journey in 1998 gaining dual licenses including hair, skin, nails and massage therapy. Her ultimate goal was to eventually own her own spa, though early on, she wasn't exactly sure which journey she was more passionate about. Around 2016, she started planning her future by investing

Owner Nicole V.

more time into the skincare and massage therapy industry. Since then, she has made it her priority to become not only the owner of her own spa but one of the top successful spa's in Grapevine, TX. Since 2022, The Eucalyptus Room has been receiving awards including being recognized on multiple levels. The only recognition Nicole deeply cares

about is that of her clients. She stated, "My soul purpose in all of this when I started was to create a welcoming spa environment where clients felt at home. You know, like a third place outside of work and home to get away and completely relax. From the moment you walk in my spa, my goal for every client was to feel as though they can leave all of their worries and stress outside and fully enjoy their experience." Her goal is to eventually open multiple locations.  At the Eucalyptus Room, we work hard to make sure your day of relaxation is the ultimate experience!


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