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Spa Treatments

The Swedish Massage is the most popular massage modality. This type of massage involves gliding, kneading and long strokes along the body creating the ultimate relaxation out of all of the massage options. If relaxation is what you're in need of, this massage is for you!


* 80 Minute includes a foot massage and hot towels.

* 110 Minute includes an hour spent on the back, foot massage with hot towels and a scalp massage.

50 Minute | 89

80 Minute | 109

110 mINUTE | 178



Getting a good work out and a sports massage go hand and hand. After a long week of working out, make sure you schedule a sports massage as it will not only help with the recovery process but make you feel refreshed and ready to get back at it!

50 Minute | 109

80 Minute | 129


50 Minute | 178

80 Minute | 218

What's a better way to spend time together? Enjoy a massage with a significant other, friend or you can even have a mother daughter date! The Eucalyptus Room Couples Massage is one of our most popular service.


* 80 Minute includes a foot massage and hot towels.


50 Minute | 79

Enjoy the most favorite part and skip the rest. Includes neck, shoulders, arms and scalp.


Deep tissue massage is a technique that focuses on specific areas of tension within the muscle tissue, also known as knots. If you are wanting that soothing relaxation, but also in need of more therapeutic massage, then this is for you.


* 80 Minute includes a foot massage and hot towels.

50 Minute | 89

80 Minute | 109


Heated Stones and therapeutic essential oils relieve muscle pain and increase metabolism while melting away stress. This type of massage will promote circulation, help with chronic pain, improve range of motion and most importantly relieve stress within the muscles. 


* 80 Minute includes a foot massage and hot towels.

50 Minute | 109

80 Minute | 129


Our prenatal massage is customized to each mommy to be and their needs. Not only do our therapist go above and beyond to make your spa day the most relaxing, we have the most comfortable table for the complete prenatal massage experience!

If you are booking for a Prenatal Massage, please click here to read the consent form before booking so we can make sure you're within our prenatal massage guidelines.


* 80 Minute includes a full body massage, foot massage

  and ending with a scalp massage. 

50 Minute | 129

80 Minute | 149

What Our Clients Say...

"Excellent massage with great staff! Smells great in there!"

Shawn H.

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